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July 13, 2017  •  2 Comments

A new image is posted every day on 500px and instagram and a lot of the stuff is from zoos and aquariums. These places are amazing resources for maintaining species that are extinct in the wild, for education and for gaining access to animals that are almost impossible to see in the wild. There's a great series on Animal Planet running right now on the Bronx Zoo. Of course there are trade-offs, safety for freedom, in any unnatural environment. Anthropomorphising one's subject is not good for much more than composing/selling "cute photos" and makes little sense when evaluating any habitat, human-made or otherwise. When one tracks any wild population for any length of time an understanding will arise for how tough these animals' lives are. For instance, it is unlikely a fox will live past its 4th year in the wilds of Plainfield NJ. Lifespans in Zoos and Aquariums are usually longer than in the wild, depending on the species.

These zoo/aquarium images are sold to stock sites but they are not on my own site for sale. Why? My mission, at least currently, is to shine a light on the amazing wildlife in my town and to me wildlife is that which can be photographed in its natural state doing what it would normally do as if nobody was in proximity. 

Of the 20 shots in my current portfolio, 18 of them were shot in Plainfield, the remaining 2 were shot in nearby NJ towns, and all were shot in the wild (yes even the insects).

If you’d like to follow me on instagram, I’m @carlmonopoliphoto.

Get out there!

This is an example of 1 of my "Zoo" shots that is a fun capture but doesn't appear in my portfolio.

It was taken at the Dublin Zoo, a truly great zoo.


Carl Monopoli
Thanks Jan!
Jan Jasper(non-registered)
Amazing photo. The way it shows the texture of the animal's fur....
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