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Bug Season II

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Taking photos with your phone is cool and you can get some great stuff but if you really want to get some detail on the small wildlife stuff (going macro) can be done  on almost any budget and anywhere there is green grass or a few flowers. Insects (see picture immediately below) and plants can be great subjects and the equipment can be had for a tiny fraction of the dough required for the glass necessary for larger animal captures.

Here is that shot I took with the setup listed below.

My macro setup is VERY simple and is based on my camera body requirements but keep in mind that much cheaper bodies can be substituted as long as the body allows for lens changing.

Extension tubes can be had for $10 or less on ebay ($14 on amazon -

An old 80s-era MANUALLY adjustable aperture lens adapted to the camera body type can be obtained from ebay for about $60. You can also use a newer lens but this will mean more $$$$. Auto-focusing is not of much use in macro as you'll see once you get going.

A diffuser can be obtained for about $9 on Amazon -

My setup is shown below based on my Canon EOS bodies but, as I said above, cheaper bodies can be used to get very similar results.

Here is the setup altogether.


This is the diffuser. The lens goes through that hole there.


This is the extension tube (with lens attached), which allows for 3 sections, 28mm, 14mm, 7mm, to be used altogether for the closest proximity, or in any combination, or with any of the 3 sections on their own, with the 7mm useful on its own for the least magnification.


Here is the old lens I use with the aperture almost closed for the deepest depth of field, which allows for more “stuff” in the shot to be in focus.


This is the lens with the aperture open, which allows for a brighter shot in exchange for less of the subject being in sharp focus.


Here is the camera 7D Mark II body alone. You can go much cheaper than this and get almost the same results. A 7D (first version) for example can be had on ebay for about $350-400 but you can go for a much cheaper body if you need to) The grip on the bottom is an extra that helps but is not essential to the beginning photographer.

Get out there!


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