Carl Monopoli | Pup Update 01

Pup Update 01

April 27, 2017  •  1 Comment

I’ve been looking forward to posting this particular update on the fox den. If you haven’t seen the latest pics of these little guys, go on over to my 500px site. I've posted about 10% of the fox pup pictures I've taken so watch that space for many more to come.

The maelstrom of fuzz that is the fox brood is almost always out during some part of the day lately bounding around in the leaves or on the tangles of large fallen trees in the area. I’ve seen 7 at once but there could be more, given that some could always be underground. The tricky thing with shooting them is that the den entrances are in and among a lot of tangled and ugly deer fencing, great for keeping an ordered, manicured formal garden from marauding deer but not so good for getting a decent photo. Another boon to the brood is that this mangled mass of meshed metal presents another layer of protection from predators. At this stage, because of size/weight, a bird-of-prey would have a difficult time carrying a pup away but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t try for a kill and possibly succeed.

That reminds me, if you’ve not seen The Eagle Huntress, SEE IT NOW!! You can get it on Netflix (hard disc only I think), on itunes and possibly other on-demand outlets.

The pups are playful now but soon the tussling will become more and more a bid for dominance that will culminate with a forcing out of each individual until only a single pup remains. That’s the nature of these furballs, solitary/don't form packs. BTW - check your cherry trees. Its likely the foraging species of birds can be spotted pulling food from in and around the blossoms - another great photo op.



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Interesting, as always! thanks.
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