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Gosling Gambit

April 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It’s looking more and more like we may get lucky and skip a year in the long line of consecutive geese breeding seasons on our property. Don't get me wrong. I like the sight of the fuzzy little yellow guys, even if their crapping parents can be more than a nuisance .

Oh we've had the recent tell-tale goose-barking-charging turf battles but they are not anywhere near the typical fever pitch or frequency of years past and the pond goes for long stretches with no geese at all, very out-of-the ordinary. My theory is that the occupied mallard nesting tube is somehow acting as a deterrent but this remains just a theory for now.

Why do I say we may be lucky this year if I 'm a fan of goslings? Well...last year it all ended in tears in the very wee hours of one Sunday morning. I happened to be returning, after a rare night out seeing the band Twin Peaks in Brooklyn (what a nightmare getting in and out of that place…another story) which was the same night as the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, when the unmistakable screeching of close-quarters combat pierced from somewhere in the backyard.

Given that everybody needs to eat, I long ago vowed to adhere to a strict non-interference policy as, even if I had the guts to join the fray, I never saw my way clear to being able to choose 1 brood’s needs over another’s. Sorry – I don’t have the inclination to simply go the conventional route/side with whichever is weakest or cutest.

My guess is that the same ground-level nesting spot would have been chosen (usually this starts in March in NJ)  and unless the pair would have been more aggressive, vigilant or both the goslings would more likely than not ended up as a snack (again), especially likely this year with a brood of at least 5 fox pups in a den not 20 feet from the likely nesting spot.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be proved wrong and a nest will suddenly appear where it always does. We'll see. In any case, as you can see by the recent photo below, goose-love is in the air in Plainfield City but its anyone's guess as to where they might settle.


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