New Project

September 28, 2017  •  1 Comment

It's been a while since we've committed to a wildlife-focused project that required more than a day's worth of effort. After a little research and stock taking of some of the stuff (more like junk) that is lying around our place, the decision was made to move ahead. No beans will be spilt with regard to specifics just yet. A little background is in order first.

    Our previous residence was on a very restricted lot. Not only was it a tiny amount of land but we had more than a few neighbors who kept a pretty close eye on us. Their lots were just as small as ours and their proximity put them close to cohabitation with almost all of the denizens focused on the sole pastime of fence peering. With all of this in mind, we still wanted to compost. Plastic bins seemed like the perfect option, being that we were a bit lazy, maybe focused a bit too much on instant gratification and more than a little appearance-conscious (recall the busybody neighbors). We bought 2. Fast forward to the present. We're in Plainfield on a big lot with neighbors who have things to do, other than minding our business.

  We still compost all of the leaf litter on the property but this is accomplished in the tree lines without any bins at all. So....what to do with those bins? And what's with those aluminum ducts in the pic below? Can anyone guess? If nobody does, another hint will be tossed your way next week.


Can't wait to see what's next.
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