Fox Track

August 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Without a doubt a lot of interest is generated over at 500px when a photo of a fox is posted. There is just something about these amber little guys that touches a nerve. It's hard not to put them high on the list of favorite subjects. Their antics and appearance make them naturals for photography. The summer months are always a challenge as they are always kept at a distance by geese protecting their young. They return in late summer or early fall with winter being the best time as they begin the mating season and are always fun to spot running around and acting crazy.  Recently we've tried to keep track of a few. This is particularly challenging, given their very short life spans.  One of the constants you might recall seeing over and again is Patches, the fox with a patchy coat. Below is shot of the most recently-spotted denizen, Notch, so named because of the missing notch in the right ear.

Get Out there!


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