Every Little Bit Helps

July 27, 2017  •  2 Comments

Sometimes it seems like there is nothing we can do to mitigate human impact on wildlife. How can any of us in the U.S., other than to contribute to the myriad of Rhino-focused organizations, help in a hands-on practical way, the Northern White Rhino which now only exists in zoos? Even some of the stuff I've highlighted in this space is a bit much. For example, most can’t build a mallard nesting tube since, for it to be useful, a body of water should be proximal. But that’s silly defeatist thinking. There’s lots more to do besides dredging ponds or other such craziness.  How about...cutting back or eliminating insecticide use? There is also the option of using only the soap-type which is much less impactful…

OR you could plant milkweed seeds (yep – you can get them on Amazon) or order plants themselves, which is what I did 2 years ago. These plants are essential to rehabilitating declining monarch butterfly populations. I shot the photo below just a few days ago and this particular butterfly seemed pretty interested in the area as it stuck around for a while hopping from plant to plant. Will we have caterpillars soon? Who knows? It’s a start…

I would just like to plug an org I really like here, the New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Get out there!


Carl Monopoli
Thanks Jan for the support!!!
Jan Jasper(non-registered)
Lovely photo, and good constructive ideas for actions we can take.
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