June 13, 2017  •  3 Comments

We have yet another growing family here in Plainfield City. I’ll give you a hint – the members are grouped as a herd and will eat anything that was, is or is proximal to anything green, painted or otherwise.

Deer of course have been the bane of Plainfield gardeners for as long as there have been plants to mulch. Actually 1 of my neighbors, whose Sleepy Hollow citizenry credentials backdate my own, does recall a time when a deer sighting was something to note. Now they are so prolific hunters are paid to manage the population and all of the trees on my property are caged to the point that my yard looks like the set of Oz.

The 2 shown in the shot below must have been birthed only a few weeks back and their energy is infectious. They bounce around and kick their heels as if some miniature invisible, leprechaun, bronco buster was still hanging into the 10th second. Thanks for looking!




Carl Monopoli
Thanks Jann and Elizabeth! You have a great outlook Elizabeth - Nature is the wrong thing to try to change. The best thing to do is figure a way to fit in. Everything needs to eat!
Elizabeth Faraone(non-registered)
GREAT PHOTOS! I love deer. One year, my father planted tomatoes and we were very happy when the deer ate them. We used to worry that they weren't getting enough nourishment with the neighboring developments robbing them of their natural habitat.
Jann Jasper(non-registered)
Beautiful photo!
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