Pup Update 03

June 05, 2017  •  2 Comments

Well it’s been weeks here in Plainfield City since I saw the group of tumbling, bumbling fur balls that were the recently-birthed brood of foxes (I upload a new pic every day so most if not all of the series of shots of the pups can be glimpsed over at my 500px site). My guess is that the group had it out in Battle Royale fashion, hopefully with less blood, and only 1 pup remains. A parent will show up sporadically but no longer will it have a maw-filled with foodstuffs, which was common only a few weeks ago. Further evidence that the band has split for a final time is the shot below of the remaining pup heading off on its own, presumably to hunt. You can see the he/she has some length of limb, inching ever closer to adult form. The head shape too shows more maturity, sort of interim/young adult stage. This was the only sighting I've had of any of the brood from when I shot them together right up to the posting of this blog entry. The 2nd photo below is the most recent shot I took of 1 of the parents. The The beat goes on…till next year and hopefully another litter. Thanks for reading/looking!


Carl Monopoli
Hi! Thanks for looking. They do usually fight for territory (including where the territory where they were born) but I don't think it is typical that it ends in a fatality.
thanks for these beautiful photos and interesting posts...(non-registered)
You wrote "My guess is that the group had it out" and only 1 pup remains. Does this mean they fight each other, often to the death?
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