Mallard Update 03

May 14, 2017  •  4 Comments

They hatched!

The mallard nesting tube worked like a charm and we now have 9 new chicks zooming over the pond surface with the hen.  The incubation was 24 days give or take which is right in the sweet spot of what is typical for mallards. If you have the space and some water, I recommend the nesting tube. Again, you can see a how-to video here.  I’ll be posting new shots of these little guys as they mature over on my 500px site and will continue to post updates here so keep an eye on this space.


Carl Monopoli
That's a great place Elizabeth. I've also seen some great stuff over at the Cook School pond. Thanks for looking!
Elizabeth Faraone(non-registered)
I love mallards. Last week, I watched the behavior of husband and wife mallards at echo lake park. They were so sweet.
Carl Monopoli
Thanks Jan!
Jan Jasper(non-registered)
What a wonderful photo of the little guys!
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