Fox Cubs!

April 12, 2017  •  9 Comments

Each year we typically have a family of foxes claim the area around our property and its always fun the first time we catch a glimpse of a fuzzy, bumbling, playful mass of fox cubs in late March or early April.  Here are some grainy shots of 2 of the 2017 brood of 4. I’ll try and post some clean shots (if I get them) at my 500px account ( where I post a new shot of (mostly) Plainfield City wildlife every day. There’s wildlife everywhere. You just have to look.


Carl Monopoli
Hi Kelli - My guess is its the dad. They usually stake out a pretty wide area during this part of the year and tolerate nobody else. They relax around May-June
Hi Andrew - Yep. If you look at my 500px account ( you'll see a recent pic of the dad with a dove. He made a bee line straight to the den after that shot was taken.
Andrew Shaw(non-registered)
My son photographed an adult fox taking a squirrel in broad daylight outside our house on Prospect. We thought maybe it was ill, but perhaps it was bringing food home to the den!
Kelli Rosenthal(non-registered)
*their. Stupid voice-to-text.
Kelli Rosenthal(non-registered)
I wonder if they're dad hangs out in my yard on Stelle. He's a handsome fella.
Carl Monopoli
thanks everybody!!:)
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