Duck Season

March 24, 2016  •  2 Comments

1 of my favorite NJ natives is the Wood Duck. It’s slightly smaller than the ubiquitous Mallard but is more impressively pigmented than anything this side of a male Cardinal. Typically these birds won’t tolerate humans in close proximity but I've seen some pretty bold Wood Ducks in Central Park. Note to self, schlep the 500mm and the DSLR to NY 1 of these days.

Regarding attracting Wood Ducks: Normally installing a Wood Duck nesting box isn’t recommended as it likely won’t attract anything other than squirrels and wasps unless it is well away from structures and people.

The great thing about late winter/early spring is that the sprouting grasses that accompany the warming temps attract Wood Ducks and, if there is a body of water nearby, they will graze for weeks in groups like some silly troupe of bird-clowns. I have yet to figure how to retain them throughout the seasons. My guess is that Plainfield City is too urban an environment to anchor these waterfowl for very long. But when I do, I will post the solution here.  

If there is enough food and the water is kept from freezing (a simple bubbler is sufficient for the task), Ducks will overwinter in NJ. So get out and see them wherever your local watering hole is greater in depth than a puddle.




He's so cute!
Jann L Jasper(non-registered)
A beautiful, exotic-looking animal when seen close up. Thanks for the great photo!
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